Factions News is the people's news!

Our aim is to encourage citizen-generated news content and news commentary by the average Jamaican. We can all learn a little more if we all share a little more about what's happening in our local spaces. Factions is determined to build a nation-wide noticeboard, for the benefit of the wider community. Share with us to join the mission.

Our Call

Currently, a significant portion of news goes unreported. Factions seeks to eliminate this problem by providing a platform that can be used by ordinary citizens at all locations in the country, to report news. This accords with the our mandate of giving a voice to the average Jamaican, who oftentimes does not get the opportunity to highlight the issues affecting them or the news happening around them. The Factions News app is the new nation-wide notice board. Share with us!

Our Commitment

At Factions, confidentiality matters. We know that many persons hesitate to openly make a report (whether to the police or to traditional media) about community activities. Use the Factions mobile app to make a confidential news post. We never share identifiers for our users with third parties!

We are also committed to using our platform to share only valid and relevant news content. All news posts are put through a validation process to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Our Community

Factions wants to build meaningful partnerships with public entities that provide services to the public. News posts containing information that may be relevant to the public such as organized press conferences, scheduled power outages or other disruptions to public services, are welcomed. We also want to partner with private sector entities to realize our dream of revolutionizing news broadcasting. Reach out to us to learn more about sharing our online space.